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Achilles Tendonitis

Astym therapy really helped my heel pain and Achilles tendon

When I came to Diamond PT I had a lot of pain in the left Achilles tendon. The determination of tightness in the interior calf & thigh was the driving force behind the pain. The use of Astym therapy really helped the pain in my heel. I found that if felt best the day or two after Astym treatment & the therapy days without Astym treatment didn’t seem to provide as much relief or as long of relief. I can walk at a faster pace now than before, have less pain throughout the day.

Anita Johnson
Treating Clinic: Diamond Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc.
1140 East Algonquin Road, Algonquin, IL 60102
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What is Astym treatment?

Astym treatment is a physical therapy treatment that regenerates healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.), and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions.

Astym treatment is highly effective for restoring movement and reducing pain from soft tissue injury/dysfunction, and Astym even works when other approaches routinely fail.  One of the main reasons for this is that Astym was designed to target the underlying cause of many soft tissue problems, rather than just trying to relieve symptoms.  Here are some of the diagnoses where patients have demonstrated excellent clinical results when treated with Astym:

• Lateral epicondylosis, chronic lateral epicondylitis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis
• Wrist sprain
• Plantar fasciopathy/heel pain/chronic plantar fasciitis
• Achilles tendinosis and chronic achilles tendinitis
• Shin splints
• Patellar tendinosis, chronic patellar tendinitis/tendonitis (jumper’s knee)
• IT band syndrome
• Chronic hamstring strain
• Joint contractures
• Overuse injuries
• Pain or loss of motion & function following surgery, trauma or overuse injury

Here is a full listing of diagnoses that have been monitored and the outcomes (treatment results) tracked.

Astym treatment is non-invasive, which means there are no injections or incisions.  Instruments are applied topically (on top of the skin) to locate dysfunctional (unhealthy) tissue, and to transfer mild to moderate pressure to the underlying soft tissue structures.   Astym treatment stimulates tissue turnover, scar tissue resorption, and the regeneration of tendons, muscles and other soft tissue structures.

Astym treatment  is typically provided twice weekly for four to five weeks (about 9 total treatment sessions) and is done in conjunction with eccentric loading, stretching, and functional exercises. Unlike other treatments, Astym encourages patients to active, workers to stay on the job, and athletes to stay in their sport during treatment. The Astym process actually makes the tissues of the body stronger, and allows a patient’s body to become adapted to greater stress without injury.  Patients are very satisfied  and enthused with the results they see from Astym

Astym is used in settings ranging from therapy clinics to hospitals to industrial rehabilitation to elite/professional athletics. This highly-effective, proven treatment helps countless patients every day. Astym is scientifically based and supported by clinical research and extensive outcomes.

Astym Therapy: once again recommended as best treatment for plantar fasciitis

The latest edition of Fixing Your Feet is promoted by Runner’s World as having “expert advice on preventing and treating injuries from common plantar fasciitis to extreme jungle rot – and everything in between!”  The manual recommends Astym therapy for all tendon injuries and specifically emphasizes that patients should seek out Astym treatment for plantar fasciitis Continue reading Astym Therapy: once again recommended as best treatment for plantar fasciitis

Astym therapy helped my Achilles, and I avoided surgery

I am on my second round of Astym therapy. Back in July 2015 I had my first round. I had a bad Achilles tendon. My calf and foot were very tight and painful. I was unable to walk without limping. Trying to avoid surgery we did Astym therapy. It made my pain tolerable so I could continue working until November.

It is now January and I am on my second session of Astym therapy. My recovery has been wonderful thanks to Andrea and Astym therapy. A few more weeks and back to work.

I would recommend Astym therapy  to anyone. What do you have to loose? PAIN

Donna Duncan
Treating Clinic: Diamond Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc.
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Road to Recovery: Astym gave me relief from Achilles tendonitis

After several years of running, including training for half-marathons, I was diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis. I developed calcification deposits due to scar tissue along with a tear in the tendon. I went through various treatments including ultrasound therapy, Topaz surgery and platelet injections, as well as rest and immobilization. After a year and a half, I still experienced pain pretty much every time I moved. I could barely walk, let alone run. I could only wear shoes that had an elevated heel and was told by two different doctors that I was going to have to live with the condition and limit my activities. Over time, my whole body was affected by the injury as I was always compensating for pain.

I asked my doctor if I could go to physical therapy for my tendon problem. I wasn’t expecting it to help the tendon itself, but hoped that it could help with the loss of range of motion and the over-compensation happening on the other leg. He gave me the PT script and I set out to look for a good therapist.

I had read a little bit about Astym on the website at Accelerated Rehabilitation in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I decided to give it a go as I had nothing to lose. My PT, Sarah Giroux, was excited to use the Astym treatment on me, and I was excited to see a health professional that didn’t just write me off as incurable. Continue reading Road to Recovery: Astym gave me relief from Achilles tendonitis

Getting Old? Astym therapy really worked on my Achilles tendonitis

As an active 47 year old, I was upset about a year ago when my ankles and Achilles tendons began to bother me. It got to the point that there were days I could barely walk. My softball and volleyball league participation was out of the question. I was even having trouble doing everyday farm work. After consulting with a podiatrist, finding out I had “deformed” heel bones, bone spurs, and severe Achilles tendonitis, he started me on physical therapy to try to avoid surgery. Astym therapy was started immediately. Though I have a few weeks left of treatment, I have gotten to the point where I only have slight pain in one heel. It’s getting better daily! The results have been amazing! I truly think this treatment will help me avoid surgery.

Michele Orme
Treating Clinic: Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers-Greenfield
1563 N. State Street, Greenfield, IN 46140
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Achilles tendonitis took me off the tennis court, Astym treatment got me back on

I was devastated when I couldn’t play my favorite sport, tennis or do water aerobics because of Achillies tendonitis. I went to Frank Romney, PT, Astym-certifed,  and he performed a few sessions of Astym treatment on my heel and wow!  Continue reading Achilles tendonitis took me off the tennis court, Astym treatment got me back on

Astym therapy benefits were almost immediate

I just wanted to tell others about the Astym treatment and how it helped me during my recovery and rehab for my Achilles tendon. The treatment helped ease the pain and swelling of the scar tissue at the back of my heel and calf muscle. It was not a comfortable process the first time but the benefits were almost immediate and the following treatments were progressively easier. The benefits are reduced pain and swelling as well as helping out with the flexibility. Definitely worth the time and helped me out a lot.

William Deal
Treating Clinic: Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center
Physical Therapy & Rehab,   2345 Court Drive
Gastonia, NC 28054    Phone: 704-865-0077                                         Website:

Astym Resolves Chronic Achilles Tendinitis in Runner

Astym treatment routinely resolves chronic Achilles tendinitis/tendonitis and Achilles tendon pain.   Here an experienced physical therapist talks about how a runner who had suffered with chronic Achilles tendinitis for over 6 years finally got cured with Astym treatment.  Continue reading Astym Resolves Chronic Achilles Tendinitis in Runner

Achilles tendonitis – two years of pain gone after Astym treatment!

I have suffered with pain for 2 years. Work and fun time with my husband was just too painful. I tried air casts and all the braces and insoles, but nothing helped!  Finally I tried Astym treatment, and in as little as 7 to 10 days I couldn’t believe the pain was gone. Continue reading Achilles tendonitis – two years of pain gone after Astym treatment!