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Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendon tear: Astym therapy helped accelerate recovery

I tore my Achilles’ tendon and sought the help of Frank Romney for therapy to rehab my Achilles. At the begin of every appointment, thus far, astym has been used. I have torn my opposite Achilles’ tendon before. My recovery this time has been twice as fast with this current therapy. Is it astym therapy?? Is it better surgical techniques??, was it a better surgeon. I believe it is all of the above including the consistent use of astym therapy.

Kip Jones, ogden utah

Clinic: Northern Physical Therapy Services,                                                 1221 East 5800 South, South Ogden, UT 84405                                 Phone: 801-476-2000

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Achilles Tendinosis in Elite Runners

Meet today’s guest blogger:

Stephanie Penny, PT, DPT

Stephanie practices at Lakeshore Sports Physical Therapy in Chicago, Illinois. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Central Michigan University in 2008. She has a special interest in sports medicine and vestibular rehabilitation, has completed coursework in manual therapy, and is a certified Astym® provider. Stephanie is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Elite runners alternate between intensive physical training and recovery to improve performance.  However, many runners fail to maintain a balance between intensity of training and appropriate recovery, resulting in a breakdown of tissue reparative mechanisms which eventually leads to overuse injuries.  Historically, these injuries have been referred to as “tendinitis” or “tendonitis”, words that point to inflammation as the cause of the problem.  Continue reading Achilles Tendinosis in Elite Runners

Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis: A Patient Talks About a Treatment That Works.

Few things are more frustrating than having chronic plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis (also spelled Achilles tendinitis).  Here is the story of one patient who suffered from Achilles tendon pain and plantar fasciitis, and tried multiple treatments before she finally got better with Astym at KORT physical therapy.

Lori Childs talks about Astym therapy at KORT

As an Achilles tendonitis treatment, Astym improves 94.7% of Achilles tendinitis (tendonitis), or Achilles tendinopathy cases.  Astym also resolves plantar fasciitis well, with 91.9% of plantar fasciitis or plantar fasciopathy cases improving after Astym treatment.   Chronic tendonitis can affect many areas of the body.  To view the resolution rates (outcomes) of Astym on particular types of chronic tendonitis/tendinosis, click here:

Total Relief from Astym Therapy

I had been having shoulder therapy that was targeted with posture improvement exercises. All was going well after two weeks. Then for some unknown reason I awoke one morning with a very stiff neck. Which I now blame on a pillow. I tried a massage not a Pres. That didn’t improve things and may have stirred things up! In any case… within a few days… I was in real agony. Couldn’t raise my head off the bed in the morning without using my hands to support my head. After toughing it out for three days; on a Saturday at 3PM, I decided I wasn’t going to make it through the night. I went to NexCare Urgent Care. The Dr changed my usual Ibuprofen to Naproxen 500mg AM and PM and continued with my Tramadol… which I had been taking with the Ibuprofen. He also prescribed Hydrocodon and tylenol for PM pain relief… which I used for three days. I went back to PT and explained the events. My therapist angel then began an evaluation and the next step was, now I know, Astym therapy! What an almost instant relief! Absolutely, amazing. I’m a believer! I have also be attempting to shake tendonitis; whether plantar or achilles tendon… I’m not sure… but it’s been treated as plantar fasciitis. I do a 2-3 mile walk with my dog daily… some days more comfortable than others! I’m wondering if Astym therapy would be as therapeutic on this problem, too. I’ll have to contact my podiatrist (?) on that issue.

Mary Baker
Clinic where I was treated: Presbyterian Healthcare-Healthplex
Healthplex Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic
6301 Forest Hills Drive NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: 505-823-8350

Comment from Astym therapy:  Astym therapy has shown great success with plantar fasciitis and other forms of tendonitis.  To see outcomes from Astym therapy for specific conditions, view Astym therapy outcome reports