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Astym Therapy Got Me Back in the Game and More

TOPS Physical Therapy is the best clinic I have gone to!

I have played basketball for over 15 years (from leagues, travel ball, high school and at the collegiate level), throughout those years I have suffered many bumps and bruises along the way. With that being said, I have gone to a lot of clinics and no place gave me the type of care TOPS did!

In 2015 I suffered a season-ending hip injury. The TOPS team went above and beyond to help me through one of the most challenging experiences I faced as an athlete. They helped me through every step of the way (going to office visits, and etc). By far the best care I have ever experienced.

While in their care, they had me on a great exercise program that really helped me get my strength back. Another thing they did was use Astym instruments, which if you asked me while they were doing it I would say it is not a fun time. But, the use of the instruments helped aid my recovery process! The use of Astym in my rehab assisted with breaking up scar tissue around my scars, tightness, and increased blood flow to that area. Astym also helped with myositis osscificanas (I had to look that up)! From allergy shots, I developed two small round hard bumps in my butt. Astym was able to break that up and get me back to normal.

I love Astym and TOPS Physical Therapy

Cassidee Ranger
Treating Clinic: TOPS Physical Therapy
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Website: topsphysicaltherapy.com

Astym therapy took away my pain after falling

I have an artificial hip and when I fall on it I get a severe muscle bruise and I cannot walk.  Astym therapy eases the pain and relaxes the muscle to a point where I can put pressure on my leg and use my walker and get on my feet and walk.

Mark Linde
Treating Clinic: Apex Physical Therapy
Cape Coral, FL 33909
Website:  www.apexptflorida.com

Swinging For Success: Astym therapy improves golf swing

My name is Emma de Groot, and I am a professional golfer on the LPGA and LPGA Symetra Tour. I have suffered from chronic back pain since an almost career ending car accident in 2011. Since I began working with Back2Normal, my function and movement has continually improved, however there has always been some restriction in my rotation. After three months playing non stop golf, and countless travel hours in Australia at the beginning of the year, I came back to Florida with extreme restriction in movement. Since being away, Lisa had become certified in the Astym method and got to work on me straight away. Within two treatments, I had my full range of motion back in my thoracic spine, as well as my hips and ankles, no pain whatsoever, and a far improved golf swing.

Emma de Groot
Treating Clinician: Lisa Chase
Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy
Wellness & Rehabilitation 465 2nd Avenue North Suite A
St Petersburg, FL 33701 Phone: 727-362-6866                          Website: www.back2normalpt.com


Chronic Hip Pain at 25…HEALED with Astym therapy.

I first came to rehab after being referred by my orthopedic surgeon. I had suffered from chronic pain in my left hip for several years due to over exercise. It was so painful, I was unable to run, kickbox, play tennis or do other physical activities to which I was accustomed. What’s worse, the pain was so severe that it was difficult for me to do normal daily activities such as stand for a long period of time, walk or climb stairs. I began working with Sarah Giroux, DPT.  I attended my personalized physical therapy session twice a week and also did my assigned exercises and stretches at home. I felt like Sarah was someone who really cared about my injury and was determined to make my situation better.   am still living without pain today. I truly never thought I would be able to do certain activities again, which was depressing considering my young age (25). I am now running 4 days a week, doing Pilates once a week, playing tennis twice a week and I am also able to complete my performances and rehearsals for my music without any pain in my hip. It is like I’m a different person. I now no longer grimace and limp when walking up or down stairs. I have already referred others to work with Sarah and I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for healing something that I thought would be a life-long problem.

Stephanie, Recreational Athlete/Musician/Performer
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan