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How To Fix The #1 Mistake Runners Make

Running can be a rewarding recreation and good exercise. However, it can be problematic if it’s the sole source of exercise and physical fitness. One of the worst things an athlete can do for their health and performance is to limit themselves to the same activity every single time they exercise. A focused, singular activity can increase the risk of overuse injuries, create an imbalance of strength, and limit the potential to improve overall strength, endurance, and stamina.

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I was sidelined with leg pain, Astym therapy gave me amazing results; now I am telling other runners.

I was training for my 2nd full marathon and doing quite well. So well that if I was able to finish at my goal and paces that I’d been training at, I would qualify for Boston. One week before the race, I started it have pretty severe pain in my lower left leg. Was it shin splints? Knots in my calves? I tried to continue to run on it but to no avail. It was diagnosed as a stress fracture and I was unable to run the race. In fact, I was on crutches for 6 weeks.
The recovery was very slow. My doctor recommended Astym therapy. I had never heard of it and wondered if it was some kind of hocky treatment. I did some reading and decided it might actually be legit so I made an appointment with my PT to try it.
Amazing results!!! Via about 8 Astym treatments, she was able to work out the knots in my calf muscles. We made some gait and shoe changes and slowly I was able to begin running again!
I didn’t realize how much I had missed running until I was able to get back out there. I was alive again!
I’m now training for a half marathon and I feel GREAT! I literally tell all my running friends about Astym therapy when ever they are experiencing muscle issues as I truly believe it will benefit them!

Deb Dunham
Treating Clinic:  Altru Rehabilitation Center
1300 South Columbia Road
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Phone: 701-780-2315  Website: www.altru.org

Finally I Can Run Again! Astym therapy cured my IT Band pain.

This last year in October I ran Chicago Marathon and then 2 weeks later I ran a half marathon and I started experiencing pain along the outside of my left knee. I knew it was my IT band that was flaring up but I kept going and finished the race. I rested for 2 weeks after that and ran a 10k race and at mile 2.5 it flared up again. It hurt so bad that I wanted to cry and stop but again I didn’t stop and finished the race. It felt like a knife was digging into the outside of my left knee. I decided to do rest it for a few week while icing it and stretching. After about a few weeks I had to start running again and met a group of friends for a trail run and again I made it 2 miles and I had to stop and stretch it. That was really embarrassing having to stop when I had just completed a marathon and a half less than a month before that.

I decided to call my good friend Dan McGrane at Accelerated Rehab Center (now Athletico) for some desperate help that’s where he recommend Astym therapy. The first few treatments gave me some relief from the tightness around my knee and it gave me some hope I would be back to running soon. After completing my Astym treatments I was able to go snowshoeing and start my running again with no tightness or pain!! Any of your runners that can’t shake the IT band pain, I totally recommend it!

Lindsey, Runner
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Clinic: Athletico Physical Therapy 1111 Ansborough Avenue
Waterloo, IA 50701  Phone: 319-433-0130 Website: http://www.athletico.com/

After injury, Astym therapy got me running again!

After months of slow progress following an injury, Astym therapy became part of my physical therapy treatment program. Therapists made the treatments something I actually looked forward to and they encouraged physical activity between treatment sessions-something I also liked. I was discharged from PT on Friday, and ran in the Lake Run on Saturday. It felt wonderful to run again and I even placed in my age division. I am grateful for qualified therapists and Astym therapy which allowed me to resume meaningful activities.

Marilyn Mapes, Recreational Runner
Treating Clinic: McLean County Orthopedics
1111 Trinity Lane Suite 111, Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: 309-663-6461 Website: www.mcleancountyorthopedics.com